The Wonders of Gender Selection – Success Rates

The Wonders of Gender Selection – Success Rates

The Gender Selection process proves to be a benefit to many people especially those who
are planning to have kids of a specific gender desired. Many parents only produce larger
amounts of girls or a number of boys only to fail in having the opposite gender on their next
child. The Gender Selection technique which is 99.9% PGD (pre-genetic diagnosis) is the
highest rate for any scientific or other known methods. This type of process is also best for
new couples desiring to have a baby of a particular gender. The technology that fertility
experts now have, helps in supporting the families dynamic and strengthens the bond
between husband and wife.

Success rates of gender selection are so high that parents can now choose the sex of their
baby. In many countries, parents who would want to have a child would prefer a boy instead
of a girl, and this is a fact according to many fertility centers, but in the US, it is a general
desire for women facing this decision too long to have a girl for a child. Some people may say
that it is not important whether they have a boy or a girl for a child, but when the first,
second, third, or even fourth child has only one sex and you’re that family that yearns for the
opposite sex, that’s where gender selection is a great match for you.

The success rate of gender selection are so high that parents can now choose the sex of their baby
As of today, fertility centers strive to maintain the highest quality of fertility care for patients
who want to choose the gender of their children. It is, in fact, a success to the generation of
today that we have the power to choose the sex of our child with the help of Gender
Selection. Experts in the gender selection process assist families across the world in
becoming the best parents they can be while achieving the satisfaction and happiness of
being as knowledgeable and informed about their life-changing decisions as it pertains to
gender selection. We are not just talking about the success of the procedure, but also the
success of a family, parents, and other family members longing for a boy or a girl as their
next family member.

For those that have not yet decided on the gender of their child, it is strongly suggested to
take your time to think of what sex you want for your new arrival. The procedure for gender
selection is so successful, that parents should think carefully about decisions that are going
to be made. Remember, PGD is 99.9%, there is no turning back once the selection has been
made, but generally, people who go through gender selection are very happy about the
outcome of their decisions, a child is a precious child no matter what sex. Pacific
Reproductive Centers are here to help you make your dreams a reality.

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