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The Patient Journey

We understand that our patients aren’t just coming in for fertility treatments. They are embarking on a journey. While the journey is different for every patient we see, they are all trying to get to the same place. They want to have a family, and they need our help.
We know this can be stressful for our patients, so we embark on the journey with them. We aren’t just doctors and laboratory technicians. We are a part of each patient’s team. We take part in every part of the process, from determining what treatments you need to arranging transportation for your appointments. If you want an ally as you fight to have a family, we are the choice for you.

The beginning of the patient journey is often the most nerve-wracking. This part is full of questions.
“Why can’t I have a baby?”
“Will I ever be able to carry a baby to term?”
“Is there anything I can do to conceive?”
There isn’t always an easy answer to these questions. Instead, you need to undergo some tests to find the underlying cause of your fertility problem. After we examine you, we will know which tests you need to take. We will walk you through each of the tests, explaining the function and purpose. We take our time with each patient, answering questions and ensuring that everyone is comfortable. Stress makes fertility problems worse, so we lessen your stress and make it easier to take this journey.

Just as every fertility issue is unique, every patient’s journey is unique. We talk to our patients about what they want out of the journey. Heterosexual couples might find that IVF using their own eggs and sperm is the right option for them. Our LGBTQ couples often want to learn more about egg or sperm donation or surrogates. We are here to answer all your questions and help you find the path that makes the most sense for your needs.

Fertility treatments can be time consuming, and we want to make the process as easy on your as possible. That includes making travel arrangements and helping you find accommodations. We can even book flights if you are coming in from overseas.
Many of our patients are surprised that we do so much, but we believe this is part of having a successful treatment. We take the stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on your treatment. Maybe that is why our success rates are so high.

We are just a phone call away. Contact us for a free phone consultation. We will go over your unique situation and help you determine what path is best for you. Then, we can meet you in person to take those all-important next steps.
Don’t feel like you have to go on your fertility journey on your own. Let us be right by your side, guiding you along the way.