Choosing the Right Method of Gender Selection for You

Choosing the Right Method of Gender Selection for You

Have you decided on what method fits you when it comes to gender selection for your next
child? Who should I listen to? Where do I go for all my questions? The answer, a fertility
center. Today, gender selection methods are available for couples who are wanting to have
a specific sex for their new child, however, these methods vary in success rate, price, and
availability. Every patient has the right to choose what type of method they would want to go
through, but, we know that numbers don’t lie. We must always focus on what method is
proven, effective, and precise, to ensure positive results. Some methods may be less
expensive, however, the success rate is not that convincing. There are more expensive
methods as well, but the success rate is very high which reaches 99% making them a
favorable choice for many.

The Ericsson method is one of the techniques that are widely practiced in the US, the
method utilizes high concentrations of sperm of the desired gender to increase the
probability of having a boy or a girl. This method has a success rate of up to 72% for boys
and 79% for girls.

Ericsson method is a technique that is widely practiced in the US
The IVF/PGD or the “In Vitro Fertilization and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis” method,
on the other hand, has a very successful rate of up to 99% which is far better than the
Ericsson method, and as we said earlier, the better the success rate, the more expensive it
will be. How much is this worth to you? What’s more important is that the method is highly
successful and the desired gender would be produced without a doubt. Why is the IVF/PGD
method favored over other techniques? It is due to the strict control by the laboratory for the
gender selected embryo before it is implanted back into the mother? There are other
methods such as the Timing Methods, Sperm Sorting, Post-Implantation, and others,
however, to be sure, it’s best to lean towards the 99% success rate.

You might seem to be bothered about the medical terms and the procedures of the methods
that are introduced to you, but by visiting a fertility center, this may help to clear things up
about the best method specifically for you. Remember, most methods are successful, but
always be sure to know more about what’s best for you when choosing a technique for
gender selection. It is recommended that you choose the method that has the highest
success rate for conceiving the desired gender. Always take heed of the advice and
recommendations from your healthcare professional.

There may be ethical concerns about gender selection and the techniques that are used to
conceive the desired sex of a child. There may be disadvantages morally but the advantages
are generally favored. Gender selection is an expression of your right to choose and is a
type of well-informed family planning that leads to a better and healthier family relationship
as the years pass by.

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