4 Advanced Fertility Treatment Options

4 Advanced Fertility Treatment Options

If you have been struggling to have a baby or you are still planning and want to ensure that you would have a healthy baby, it is a good idea to seek a fertility specialist’s help. Fertility specialists not only specialize in fertility treatment options but in creating happy families.

Here are 4 advanced fertility treatment options available at leading clinics, such as Australia Gender Selection.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF allows couples (those who can’t normally conceive) to have a baby. Your doctor will give you a fertility hormone to produce an abundance of eggs. These eggs are collected upon maturation and fertilized in the lab with the partner’s or donor sperm. The most viable embryos are then implant into the mother’s uterus.

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

The male partner’s sperm are washed and then inserted into the woman’s uterus for fertilization. This treatment is beneficial in cases of low sperm count, sperm motility issues, cervical scarring and cervical mucus abnormalities.

Tubal Reversal

If you underwent a tubectomy or tubal ligation when you were younger, but you now wish to have a baby, tubal reversal procedure can help you do so. The tubes are untied, so that the eggs can get fertilized and the woman can get pregnant again.

Frozen embryo Transfer

For IVF, the woman is given hormones for stimulating egg production. In case of a fresh embryo transfer, the hormones are still in the woman’s body. When women freeze their eggs and wait for the transfer, the hormone levels have returned to normal. Frozen embryo transfer reducing the risk of pre-term labor and miscarriages. It also increases the chance of having a healthy baby.

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