The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Baby’s Gender

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Baby’s Gender

Choosing a baby’s gender has always been a controversial subject and, is likely to remain so for a long time to come. But, if this is something you are considering, and you are currently in the process of weighing up the pros and cons of choosing a baby’s gender, then it is important to gain all information about it. While many people will support this practice, others will deeply criticize it.


Is it even possible to accurately choose the gender of your baby?


The answer is an astonishing yes. Choosing the sex of your baby has become much more accurate these days thanks to ground-breaking advances in medical science. There are two main methods. The first is sperm sorting and the second is IVF treatment with a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This method proved to be a medical breakthrough as it meant taking a single cell and testing it for any defects. The initial idea was to ensure that coupled with IVF, there would be no problem with the egg and would ensure a healthy embryo. Parents would have the option to implant the embryo they chose, and this would factor in the choice of gender.


So, here’s a list of the pros and cons of choosing a baby’s gender.


The pros of gender selection


  • The ability to plan a balanced family
  • It gives the parent time to prepare for the baby
  • It can offer comfort to would-be parents with genetic disorders
  • It might make the bonding between child and parent stronger

The cons of gender selection


  • There may be regrets in the future
  • It goes against certain moral values
  • It is very expensive


The ability to plan a balanced family is a big incentive. In fact, there’s even the possibility to choose the number of children that come along. In the past, without this option couples often had very large families in the hope that they would eventually have a girl or a boy. In some parts of the world, the size of the family is governed by legislation and this could make choosing the gender of their next child more important than ever.


Choosing the sex of the child in advance may give parents more time to plan and be ready for their child. They can look forward to their new arrival and ensure that everything is in place ready for the big day. Other family members may also find it useful to know the baby’s gender in advance.


Parents who have an existing genetic disorder can gain confidence that they know they have not passed any defects onto their children. This point is very hard to argue against as it seems very natural that most people would choose a healthy child if it was possible.


Some supporters of gender choosing, insist that the bonding process is made easier when the sex of the child is pre-chosen. This is because it eliminates any disappointments. It is true that moral values can be a problem with certain types of belief systems or religious ideology questioning the moral code of this.  It’s also important to consider the cost of this procedure and this might well incorporate some travel expenses as some countries still have a ban on gender selection. There may be arguments or regrets based on personal values and of course, it would be wise to think all the options through thoroughly before making any kind of decision.

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