Can I choose the Gender of my Baby?

Can I choose the Gender of my Baby?

Many of us know couples who would desperately like to have a girl. Or a boy. A couple may have more children of one gender already and would like to have another child but only if the odds are in favor of the other gender. Or, a couple may be seeking infertility treatment, already have one child and would prefer that the next child is of the other gender. In some cases, the couple may want to avoid transmitting a gender-linked genetic disease to the child.

It’s the father’s chromosome that determines the gender of the future child since the eggs all contain the same chromosome – X. When a sperm with a Y chromosome fertilizes an egg, it results in a boy child. But when sperm with an X chromosome fertilizes an egg, it results in a girl child. Any sperm sample contains an equal amount of X (female) and Y (male) bearing sperm.

Couples have always tried to influence the gender of their future child. From changing the timing of intercourse to specific sexual positions, couples have used several methods to ensure that the future child would be a specific gender. NONE of these methods has any scientific validity.

If you or someone you know want a method of gender selection that offers an almost 100% chance of having a baby of the desired gender, IVF with genetic testing of the embryos is a Godsend.

In Pre-implantation Genetic Testing or PGT, one to two cells are removed from the early embryos, and DNA-based genetics analysis is performed. Once the analysis is done, couples can select which embryos they want to use. If conception is successful, there is almost a 100% chance of the baby being the desired gender. This method is also beneficial for couples who at high risk for having a male child with an X-linked genetic disease.

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